At Healing Haven we are family owned and operated. Alex operates as acting business manager and Soon-to-be practitioner. Lauren is the current practitioner specializing in care for women, offering high quality prenatal and postpartum services. As well as sports style massage, relaxing Swedish services and even supportive care to youths! 

About us

Lauren G CMT is a gifted bodyworker, addressing the aches and pains of clients across the Inland Empire. Specializing with prenatal and postpartum clients.  


Alex is an extremely talented bodyworker. He connects with the body to help you heal and relax. Alex specializes in addressing our clients pain, helping them find relief from ailments that have been an ongoing issue.



Whether you have questions about a specific service, want to purchase a massage, or just want to chat - we're here for you. Ready to get your healing on?

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I have never felt very comfortable getting massages, I don't really care to have my body touched, but Lauren made me feel safe and comfortable. After receiving my massage, I realized how good it was for my body and mind. I came home feeling loose, relaxed, and much less tense. I've had massages before, but nothing felt quite like this. I didn't just feel like I was relaxing, I felt like Lauren was listening to what my body had to say and working through that.

elizabeth v

I highly recommend Lauren, she made me feel so comfortable in my home she's very professional and very polite.

After my massage, I felt so relaxed I couldn't move, but I did fall asleep during. She's amazing at what she does. I had a huge motorcycle accident, so my body is very sensitive, and she was so gentle and hit all the right spots.

sunshine w.

I have had many massage therapists over the years, and no one, and I mean no one, has been better than Lauren. She is one of the most intuitive and grounded therapists I've ever experienced. | moved away for a few years and barely got massages elsewhere because they just weren't up to what I call "Lauren Standards.” So if you are looking for an amazing massage, Lauren is the person to see. I'm excited for her new adventure in Redlands, and I will definitely continue traveling there from Rancho Mirage, She is worth the time and the effort.